[Artist Kim Hyun-Jung] Monthly Magazine KOREA _ Doing anything in Hanbok

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[Artist Kim Hyun-Jung] Monthly Magazine KOREA _ Doing anything in Hanbok.

5 “Feign: Flutter” (2013)

Kim Hyun-jung, a painter and Hanbok advocate,
draws portraits of modern-day women engaged in
modern-day activities while dressed in Hanbok.
In Kim’s reinterpretations, the women wear high
heels and brightly decorated nails together with
the traditional dress. They also eat burgers, ride
motorcycles and take part in indoor rock climbing.
“Because Hanbok is an elegant dress, it can
confine the wearer’s behavior in certain ways,”
Kim said. “For example, when I wear Hanbok I 
automatically straighten my back and even watch
the way I speak. I turned that idea around in my
head and contrasted Hanbok with things with which
it isn’t usually associated.”
Kim said she hoped her fans would react with
amusement and laughs.
Her solo exhibition, “Feign Playground,” which
ran from mid-March through early April, attracted
over 5,000 people a day and 41,000 in the first two

“Feign: #Snow Whitegram” (2016)

“Feign: Instagram, Instagram, who is fairest of them all?” (2016)

Upon being asked how she would feel if the vision
in her paintings came true - if people dressed in
Hanbok as they went about their daily activities - Kim
smiled and said Hanbok would look very different.
“I tried to ride a bicycle once in Hanbok,” Kim
said, “The skirt got caught in the wheels and tore.”
Her custom-designed Hanbok had cost more
than the bicycle.
Upon hearing the artist’s remark, Inohjudan’s Oh
confidently said in a separate interview
that she could provide Kim with a 
Hanbok that she would have no problem
wearing on a bicycle or while using
sports equipment.
“Who says women cannot wear
trousers for Hanbok?” Oh asked.
“What we now know as the Western
style of clothing also went through
experimental periods to arrive at its
current stage,” she said. “I must point
out Chanel’s adaptation of male
clothes to female fashion.”
With innovative minds busy
at work, it may not be too long
before Hanbok hangs in
everyone’s closet.

Kim Hyun-jung is considered a pop star of Korean illustration.

고상하고 비밀스러운 한복을 입고 
일상적인 행동들을 하고 있는 
여인의 장면을 포착하고 있습니다. 
인물을 누드로 표현한 후 
서양의 콜라주와 동양의 수묵담채 기법을 
이용하여 독특한 대비성을 주었습니다. 
상의 부분에 직접 염색한 한지를 붙여 
한복의 서걱거리는 질감과 
하의 부분의 치마는 먹을 이용하여 
반투명하게 그려내 몸의 라인을 
비치게 드러냄으로 
‘그 속이 훤히 들여다보인다.’ 
는 메시지를 담고 있습니다.

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김현정 Kim, Hyun - Jung / Artist

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Cannot be copied without permission.

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