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Starting at a young age, artist Hyun Jung Kim showed signs of great artistry. And after graduating from the prestigious Sunhwa Art Middle School and High School, she went onto studying korean painting and business administration at Korea’s top university, Seoul University. There she graduated with the Class President Award and continued her studies to complete her master’s degree in korean painting.
Then starting in March of 2013, she lead through four private exhibitions with the concept of (Coy/Sly Story), each one had become a hot topic during its period.
The aim of her work in “Coy/Sly” line of work was to take the elegance and mysterious atmosphere of a hanbok, a traditional Korean attire, and to place it upon a person in an informal and everyday setting. But to do so isn’t a simple process. The artwork she makes goes through a process in which the subject is first drawn nude. Then the hanbok is handmade by manually dying traditional Korean paper called “hanji” and making a collage out of them on top of the nude picture. By making the hanbok this way, they become translucent, giving away the message that “we can see right through her”. With such an original idea and concept, Hyun Jung Kim displayed expressive techniques that were considered “daring” and received attention as a rising star amongst Korean painters as she attempted to evolve the basic theories and techniques of authentic oriental painting. And with emphasis on passion and experience, she was deemed an “idol of Korean painting” within the art world as she found new ways to spread Korean art’s “POP” to the regular public through social media. Through this, she now is receiving wide recognition as a contributor to the art world and in the history of art. Following an exciting 2013, Hyun Jung Kim was again put in the spotlight in April of 2014 when she was selected by Dong-A Daily News as the only artist to make it on the list of the “hundred people who will make Korea shine in the next ten years”. Keeping the momentum going, Hyun Jung Kim opened a private exhibition on June 19th, 2014 on the first floor main exhibition hall of the famous Gana insa ArtCenter. During this private exhibition, titled (Coy/sly Olympics), the art went beyond the normal adolescent woes and worries that were felt in previous artworks. Instead, she gathered upon the canvas relief of the fragments of emotions and worries that commonly occurs within our daily lives, Along with normal painting techniques, she applied various other art forms, such as sculptures and motion pictures while experimenting with new techniques and styles such as 3D printing as well. Also, during this period, she was on two episodes of a program called “Conversations with the Artist”, which garnered the largest audience, consisting of 3,733 people, since the opening of Ganainsa Art Center. She continued to break records through the remaining days as the cumulative number of people overall to visit the center was 24,000 people. On June 30th,2014,ten day safter the opening, the exhibition ended in great success. Currently, she is a lecturer at Anyang Art High School and is working to widen her scope. She is working on developing her skills and improving upon her techniques and styles. She will continue to bring about new and awe-inspiring work.



  • 2017 Ph.D course in Oriental Painting, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea
  • 2015 Graduate M.A in Oriental Painting, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea
  • 2012 Graduated B.A in Oriental Painting, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea
    Graduated B.A in Business Management, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea
  • 2007 Graduated from Sun Hwa Arts High School
  • 2004 Graduated from Sun Hwa Arts School


  • 2017
    Forbes 30 under 30 in Asia

  • 2016
    A Plaque of Appreciation by Naver Grapolio in the 2016 Grapolio Top Creator
    A Plaque of Appreciation by Greenhill Plaque of Appreciation Social Welfare Corp
    The Contribution Award by Ttukseom Island Pop Art Festival 2016

  • 2015
    The Cheonggang Culture Prize in the 8th Women Culture Prize by Women Culture Network
    Grand prize in Art Development in 1st Grand Prize of Korean Creative Innovation by GK Hope Community, Korea Press Association, and Allied Press HQ

  • 2014
    The 34th Korea Critic Conference 'A Noteworthy artist'
    Jtbc 'Different people' First Prize
    Chosen as one of the 100 most influential people in Korea 2020s by Dong-A Daily Newspaper

  • 2013
    Selected as the most important emerging artist of the year in Korea by Perrier

  • 2011
    Grand Prize in Oriental Painting, The 14th World Peace Grand Art Exhibition
    Gold Prize in Oriental Painting, The 12th Korean Women Grand Art Exhibition
    Seoul National University International awarded 'Gross Alumni Meeting Prize'


  • Korean American Immigration History Museum Foundation, American Mall Foundation, LISMA Foundation, Seoul City Council, Seoul National University Hospital, Seoul National University Alumni Association, Hyundai Motors, Korea Foreign Exchange Bank, Shinhan Bank, GE Korea, Deloitte Anjin LLC, Daesin Asset, Game-in Foundation, Joymax, Coffine Gurunaru,Hanssen IK, Private Collections including Korean Horse Affairs Association, etc.


  • 2016
    Invitational Exhibition [This is our Future], The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, USA
    [Pop-up], Time Square, New York, USA
    [21 Century’s Genre Painting The Story of Feign], Korean Cultural Centers, Berlin, Germany

  • 2015
    [New York Korean teenager Foundation works Auctions], New York, USA

  • 2014
    [The 2nd SINGAPORE BANK ART FAIR 2014], Singapore, Singapore

  • 2013
    [Im Zickzack durch die Welt], Neuruppin, Germany
    [ZigZag, State Academy of Art and Design Stuttgart], Stuttgart, Germany
    [BANK ART FAIR], Island Shangri-La, Hong Kong, China


  • 2016
    [Café Ogada Exhibition], Munhwa Ilbo branch, Seoul, Korea
    [Feign Exhibition], Shinsegae Department Store Gallery, Incheon, Korea
    [CINE ART 6th Her Cultural Life, the Story of Feign Exhibition], Megabox, Seoul, Korea
    [Feign Amusement Park], Gallery Is, Seoul, Korea

  • 2015
    [The Story of Feign], National Assembly of the Republic of Korea, Seoul, Korea
    [The Story of Feign], The Seoul Metropolitan Council, Seoul, Korea
    [A Woman on Horseback], The Museum of Horses, Gyeonggi, Korea
    [The Story of Feign], Hanssem ik, Seoul, Korea

  • 2014
    [Winter Story of Feign], Coex Hall A, Seoul, Korea
    [Feign Olympic], Gana Insa Art Center, Seoul, Korea

  • 2013
    [Art Seoul Invitational Exhibition], Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul, Korea
    [Korean Graduate Student Artist Invitational Exhibition], Gallery Woorim, Seoul, Korea
    [Her, the Prude One?], I’in Gallery, Busan, Korea


  • 2016
    [Falling in Love with Women's Portraits Exhibition], Sejong Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea
    [Special exhibition for the International Congress of Aesthetics], White Block Art Center, Seoul, Korea
    [The 8th SHA-SHA Exhibition, the Alumni Exhibition Sunwha Arts School], Gallery Iang, Seoul, Korea
    [Special Exhibition on People by Gallery Grimson titled, 'Figures – Insight'], Gallery Grimson, Seoul, Korea
    [Pop Art Group Exhibition, ‘Popcorn Season 1’], Naru Art Center, Gwangjin Foundation for Arts & Culture, Seoul, Korea
    [Mother’s Diary Exhibition, Special Project for Family Month 2016], Yangpyeong Art Gallery, Gyeonggi, Korea
    [Indigo Blue Youth = Buler Better Exhibition], Art Space Hoseo, Seoul, Korea
    [Lotte MANY MINI MIFFY], Lotte Department Store, Seoul, Korea

  • 2015
    [Stop and Behold], Special Exhibition of Collections in Korean Painting, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Gyeonggi, Korea
    [SNU Exhibition], Seoul National University Alumni Association Scholarship Building, Seoul, korea
    [Flower Scent of May], Gyeongmin Modern Museum of Art, Gyeonggi, Korea
    [Pick up the Culture, Put into the World], Cheongju Baekje Relic Exhibition Hall, Chungbuk, Korea
    [Asian Highway], Donga University The school Foundation Anniversary Special Exhibition, Seokdang Gallery, Donga University, Busan, Seoul
    [The 7th SHA-SHA Sunhwa Art School Alumni Exhibition], Dongduk Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea
    [Super-Dooper Baby, Children’s Rehabilitation Hospital Construction Fund Raising], Leaders Gallery Soo, Seoul, Korea
    [The 10th Lotus Painting Festival], Lotus Theme Park, Gyeonggi, Korea
    [Chopstick Festival Special "NIip culture, Put into the world], Cheongju Baekje Relic exhibition, Chungbuk, Korea
    Donga University the school foundation anniversary Special exhibition [Asian Highway] Donga University Seoknyang Gallery, Busan, Seoul
    [May Spring Exhibition], Kyung Min Museum, Gyeonggi, Korea

  • 2014
    Korea Minting and Security Printing Corporation, [Show me the Money] Group Exhibition, Ganainsa Center, Seoul, Korea
    [SNU Graduates of graduation exhibition], MOA, Seoul, Korea
    [Hidden Card], Kidari Gallery, Daegu, Korea
    [Y&Y Artist Project 'I, My, Me, Mine], youngeun museum, Gyeonggi, Korea
    [The 6th SHA-SHA' Sun Hwa Arts High School alumni exhibition], Seoul, Korea
    [G-LOVE GIL Ministry exhibition], LIG ART SPACE, Seoul, Korea
    [SNU Graduates of '50106' exhibition], SPACE599, Seoul, Korea
    [Open-in-out], Amway Art Museum, Gyeonggi, Korea
    [The 9th 2014 Lotus flower painting Festival], Lotus theme park, Gyeonggi, Korea
    [Anyang Arts High School of Art Instructors' Group Exhibiton], Gyeonggi, Korea

  • 2013
    [Whimsical Utopia], Woo-Seok Hall, Seoul, Korea
    [The 3rd Young Art Award], Hongik Art Center, Seoul, Korea
    [Anyang Arts High School of Art Instructors' Group Exhibition], Gyeonggi, Korea
    [Artist by Artistry], BIFF village, Busan, Korea
    [I' MMATURE], Woo-Seok Hall, Seoul, Korea
    [The 5th ASYAAF(Asian Students and Young Artists Art Festival)], Seoul, Korea
    [Moved By Emotions], Gallery is, Seoul, Korea
    150 anniversary of Perrier [An artist in her element], The-gallery, Seoul, Korea
    SNU Graduates [50106展], Space 599, Seoul, Korea

  • 2012
    [2012 Blue Star], Ollympus Hall Gallery PEN, Seoul, Korea
    [The Lacquer Alchemist], Space 599, Seoul, Korea
    [Open Studio of Oriental Paintings], Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea
    [Exhibition 117], Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea
    [Emerging Artists Exhibition], ARA Gallery, Seoul, Korea
    [Kim Hyun-Jung & Park Joo-Young], Space 50, Seoul, Korea
    [Korean Emerging Student Artists Invited Exhibition], Woorim Gallery, Seoul, Korea
    [The 4th ASYAAF(Asian Students and Young Artists Art Festival)], Seoul, Korea
    [I’MMATURE], Woo-Seok Hall, Seoul, Korea
    [Re-view], Space 599, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea

  • 2011
    [Studio Art Thesis Group Exhibition], Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea
    [The 14th World Peace Grand Art Exhibition], Dan-won Hall, Gyeonggi, Korea
    [The 3rd ASYAAF(Asian Student and Young Artist Art Festival)], Seoul, Korea
    [The 12th Korean Women Grant Art Exhibition], Hankuk Art Museum, Seoul, Korea

  • 2010
    [The 2nd ASYAAF(Asian Students and Young Artists Art Festival)], Seoul, Korea

  • 2009
    [The 1st ASYAAF(Asian Students and Young Artists Art Festival)], Seoul, Korea


  • 2018
    High School Art Textbook, Cmass, 2018 (due to be published)
    High School art Theory, Koyhak, 2018 (due to be published)
    High school Art textbook, Mijinsa, 2018 (due to be published)
    High school Art textbook, Chunjae Education, 2018 (due to be published)
    High school Art textbook, Visang, 2018 (due to be publishede)

  • 2017
    Editorial department, An honor student essay, Chunjae Education, 2017 (ISBN : 977-19-758-2780-0)
    Editorial department, Monthly Eureka #403, Eureka M&B, 2017 (ISBN : 977-24-660-1700-7)

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  • 2015
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  • 2013
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  • 2009
    Park Dong-Jin, and others, middle school Art textbook, Hyungsung, 2009(ISBN : 978-89-472-7377-0)


  • Korea Minting and Security Printing Corporation, Korean Horse Affairs Association, Chosun Media, Hyundai Motor Studio, Kyobo Life Planet Life Insurance, Arirang TV, Kakao Talk, Café Ogada, LG Life, Vogue Korea, Micimpact, Education Broadcasting System, JW Pharmaceutical Company, Hyundai Pharm, etc.


  • 2016
    'This is our future', Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, USA
    SK Hynix Semiconductor Ltd., UshiFAB Center, Shanghai, China
    Seoul Art Foundation ACT Program, Seoul, Korea
    Pungnap Creativity & Integrity Convergence Camp, Seoul English Village Pungnap Campus, Seoul, Korea
    Yonsei University Health System, Grand Ballroom, Baekyang-ro Plaza, Seoul, Korea
    Special Lecture of Inviting Celebrities on Feeling, East Sea, 1.1.1. Samsung Multi-campus, Milticampus Education Center, Seoul, Korea
    Culture & Arts Honorary Teacher Project, Barefaced Arts, Asia Culture Center, Gwangju, Korea
    BS Art Pot Talk Talk, Naru Art Center by Gwangjin Foundation for Arts & Culture, Seoul, Korea
    JTBC, Entertainment Program, "As you Say", JTBC, Seoul, Korea
    Seongnam Live Learning, Pyeongseangnuri Hall, Seongnam Lifelong Education Center, Gyeonggi, Korea
    The World Women Economic Forum, Sebitseom, Banpo, Seoul, Korea
    Action Hero Story, Buk-bu Gyeonggi-do Cultural Creation Hub, Gyeonggi, Korea
    Adobe Digital Leaders Forum, Park Hyatt Busan, Busan, Korea
    Suwon Hanbuk Festival, Young Na Hye-seok to wear Hanbok, Nahye-seok Street, Gyeonggi, Korea
    Seoul Human Resource Development Center, Seoul, Korea
    Special Lecture in Daejin University, Daejin University, Gyeonggi, Korea
    Pocheon Citizens Academy Education, Pocheon Banweol Art Hall, Gyeonggi, Korea
    Sinsa Forum, SET Tower in Dogok-dong, Seoul, Korea
    Revisiting Traditional Culture, Korea National University of Cultural Heritage, Chungnam, Korea
    Introductory Korean Traditional Painting, Kyunghee University, Seoul, Korea
    Introduction to Creative Sumukhwa, Yongin University, Gyeonggi, Korea

  • 2015
    Design Korea, KINTEX, Gyeonggi, Korea
    Hyundai Motor Studio Conference, Hyundai Motor Studio, Seoul, Korea
    Korea Culture Forum, Sebit Doongdoong, Seoul, Korea
    Ulsan City Officials Lecture, Ulsan University, Ulsan, Korea

  • 2014
    Sebasi, 15min. Lecture to change the world, CBS Studio, Seoul, Korea
    Special Lecture with Prof. Jangjin at Daegu University, Daegu, Korea
    Young Festival, Micimpact, Yeoeui Hangang Park, Seoul, Korea
    Seoul Culture Forum, Space Noa, Seoul, Korea
    Artist invited Seminar, Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul, Korea
    Studying Friday, Micimpact, Seoul, Korea
    Happy Women’s Trip, Able Square, Seoul, Korea

  • 2013
    Art Instructor, Anyang Arts High School


  • 2017
    Hosted a book concert, "The Answer Lies in Shared Growth."

  • 2016
    Selected as The 1st round artists in Residency program for Young Artist & Maker

  • 2015
    Running Story “Picture Radio of Kim Hyun-Jung” on Chosun Ilbo
    “Study on Expression of Immanent Figuration through Portrait”, Presentation of thesis
    Donations to “Wiaja Share Market”, JTBC
    Korea Culture Forum Planning Committee Deputy Chairman
    2015 Hanbok Federation Fashion Show Host Narrator

  • 2014
    Cambodia 'Hope Library' public relations ambassador
    Publish a book of essay 'FEIGN'
    LG Living health Artist collaboration l Reen shampoo
    Colormerad 'Different artists'
    Glaceau Vitamin Water_"Show your color" campaign
    MBC 'Wait a minute' campaign
    2014 Young Festival_speaker
    Sungkyunkwan University Artist Invitation Seminar

  • 2013
    Executive Director of the Seoul Fine Arts Association Award, JW Pharmaceutical
    Art Instructor, Anyang Arts High School

  • 2012
    Teaching Assistant, SNU International Summer School
    Teaching Assistant, SNU International Conference of Art & Design

  • 2011
    Student Art Manager, The 3rd ASYAAF
    Art Instructor, KEPCO Art Center Gallery



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  • 2016
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  • 2015
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  • 2014
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  • 2013
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  • 2012
    SBS | Start Morning Wide | 2012.11.20.
    KBS2 | Good Morning Korea | 2012.01.03.


  • 2017
    Bridge Economy | Ogada to hold a collaboration event with Korean painter Kim Hyun-jung
    Money S | Art Collaboration by Ogada and Korean painter Kim Hyun-jung to present the 5 types of "exclusive Lunar New Year gift sets"
    Money S | Café Ogada to hold the Lunar New Year welcoming event with Korean painter Kim Hyun-jung in Lotte World Mall, Jamsil, Seoul, Korea
    LA joongang | Kim Huyn-Jung is selcted as Forbes 30 under 30 in Asia
    Women News | Interview: "Having sense of duty as woman artist"
    Yonhap news | Korean artist having sudied business administration: Kim Hyun-Jung "Want to facilitate the understanding of the fine arts"
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    Forbes Korea | Kim Huyn-Jung is selcted as Forbes 30 under 30 in Asia
    Chosun biz | [2017 franchise]Spreading art-marketing stimulate sensitivity
    Outdoor News | Kim Hyun-Jung is opening the world of 'young genre painting'

  • 2016
    Bridge Economy | Ogada to hold a collaboration event with Korean painter Kim Hyun-jung
    Munhwa News | Shall we dance?
    Money S | Cafe Ogada: Korean painter "Kim Hyun-jung" to hold autograph session and exhibition at Munhwailbo branch
    Donga Ilbo | Provocative Imagination: Young Korean painter Kim Hyun-jung, "Ole~ It's Patti time!"
    Aving News | Cafe Ogada to hold an art collaboration event with Korean painter Kim Hyun-jung to host Ppatti Festival
    JTBC | "As You Say": Rapper Cheetah, editor Choi Seo-yun from Monthly Yingyeo, and painter Kim Hyun-jung make their appearance.
    New Daily | Painting: "Falling in Love with Women's Portraits" Exhibition… the "29-year old" artist Kim Hyun-jung talks about "Feign."
    Edaily | Korean painter Kim Hyun-jung, "You're the best, recover your self-esteem."
    Global Economic | Korean Painting "Feign Woman" to enter smartphones
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    Beta News | The Korean Cultural Center in Germany to hold private exhibition of the idol of the Korean painting world, artist Kim Hyun-jung
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  • 2015
    Economic Review | Korean painter Kim Hyun-jung to reveal essence of the contemporary era with the keyword, "Feign"
    Sports World | Special calendar celebrating the exhibition of "New Portrait of a Horse-riding Beauty"
    Sisaon | Art collaboration between LetsRun park and Artist Kim Hyun-jung to open "New Portrait of a Horse-riding Beauty" exhibition
    Kukmin Ilbo | Artist Kim Hyun-jung to invited to exhibit "New Portrait of a Horse-riding Beauty" starting Nov. 29, 2015
    Women News | Tommy Lee, Kim Hyun-jung... Lectures by Design "Stars" to be held
    Energy Economic News | Yongsan Horseracing Betting Center to display artworks by Kim Hyun-jung, an attraction worth checking out in autumn
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